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Air Boss PRO-30

$4,295 plus shipping

At Air Boss Tools, All we make is top of  the line planishing hammers. This is the Air Boss Tool Company model Pro30 Pneumatic Planishing Hammer.

30" throat depth, 6 lower dies, 1 upper die.

This machine is used for shaping and smoothing metal to form custom car, motorcycle, aircraft and architectural sheet metal panels.

The lower arm is fully adjustable vertically and will swing side to side for that odd panel you need to introduce.

The machine comes completely assembled, ready to use.

Shipped to you fully enclosed within a wood box over the pallet.

Shipping weight is #500       7-10 days

Please email: for current shipping cost.

We only ship to a commercial address with the ability to unload a 

500 lbs. pallet 


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